Friday, April 25, 2014

Jackson James Grove

He's here. He's perfect, he's in our arms and we couldn't be more full of love and excitement for this third arrow in our quiver.

Jackson James 

There's a story behind this name, as there should be for every name. But our little "Jack" or "JJ" {yes you can call him that} has a special story behind the acquiring of his name just like his big brother and sister do.

"Riley" was written by my 13 year old hand in a journal with N*Sync pictures and glitter glue on it as a "name I totally love and want to use for one of my children someday...." Fast forward 7 years and I meet this amazing guy who casually announced to me while playing ping pong with friends that "someday I'm gunna have a son named Riley" Much to his unknowing, I decided then and there I was gunna marry him. I did. So we had a Riley

Tyler and I couldn't decide on a girls name for our second child. I was like 10 weeks pregnant, and we didn't even know for sure what we were having, but in my gut I knew she was a she and I needed to get her named, I mean I only had 30 weeks left! Everything Tyler suggested I didn't like and everything I suggested was responded with "well I knew an Ashley in high school...." {no we never suggested Ashley in "real life"} So I just straight out asked the Lord what He thought we should name her and "Grace" came to my mind. I texted the idea to Tyler and he responded with "I was just texting that!!!!" So we had a Grace. 

Insert #3 baby. We went back and forth on a few names and we decided pretty early on in the game to go with "Lincoln" for a boy {again, my gut told me he was a he} So early in fact, this was even before our scare of loosing this baby at only 6 weeks, God is good and you can read about that here. Thennnnnn, my sister-in-law and her hubs got a puppy and named him "Lincoln". Riiight, so we can't name our child after a dog so scratch that. Back to the drawing board, and as I look back now, I'm so thankful we didn't end up with Lincoln, because Jackson is so much more fitting and perfect for this little man.

Because Jackson you see, means  

"God has been gracious; has shown favor"

I don't have the slightest clue what The Lord will do with this little life, but I do know that at just the size of a finger nail, God was gracious to us and let us keep our Jackson. I've watched one too many friends struggle and say goodbye to their babies too early. And not that I don't feel God is gracious to them, even in their dark, horrible pain, I just am more aware now, because of them, that this boy is a gift. A gracious, amazing gift. 

So when I looked up the meaning to Jackson, my jaw hit the floor. This was the one. Jackson, you're a gift baby boy. God has been gracious. "James" is Tyler's sweet, sweet grandad's name and is also the brother of John, which is Riley's middle name and so folks, we'd like to introduce to you...


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