Wednesday, May 15, 2013

You're so serious

Sometimes, you just can't take life so seriously. I struggle with this. Today as life hit me in the face and things started to look a little scary in the future {when does the unknown not?}, I remember that in this moment God has given me a simple choice;  
Live for Him or live for something else. 
Every single moment air hits my lungs, I worship Christ or worship something else. Worship never stops, it just gets misplaced. I started to fall to the call of worldly comforts today, and you know what snapped me back to reality? The instant I felt joy leaving me. I felt upset, I felt selfish and scared and out of control...all cues to how my heart was pulling away from Jesus and being placed in the nasty clutches of this world's problems. Jesus didn't ask me to worry, He asked me to have faith. So while I have to be a realist in life and face my struggles, I don't have to be a slave and give my joy away. I don't have to be so serious; 
Christ has given me many things in which to find joy in amongst my troubles.

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  1. Perspective is so important. Sometimes distance gives it to us, sometimes time. Love the new blog. =)