Friday, March 15, 2013


I've been posting a picture of me wearing my "Minus One" shirt on Fridays for a while now and I thought it would be good to explain....

My good friend/old roommate/college buddy/sweet hearted, funny girl Siriana (Sear) Frost and her husband Patrick are in the full throws of the adoption roller coaster and I thought it would be good for myself to wear this shirt every Friday until baby comes home, simply to remind myself to pray for them.

I forget to pray. I tell people I will, and I forget. Praying is a true time taker and one must be concentrated and focused and I all too often let life get a hold of my mind rather than my prayers to Jesus. I'd like to say I pray without ceasing...but I don't think starting to pray and getting sidetracked that you never say "Amen" is what "pray without ceasing" really means. Ha! But seriously I have been trying this year to really set some time apart for prayer; deep, real focused prayer and I'm totally rocked and challenged at just sitting.

Not that I don't think praying while you're doing something is wrong, but I know me and if I left my prayer life to the times I'm drifting off to sleep, on the elliptical or through out my day, I just know my mind would run off to thinking about why I ate that donut or what's Riley getting into or literally falling asleep I've been working on this discipline of prayer and one of my focuses right now is the Frost family.

I can't imagine waiting for a child longer than 9 months, because well, I've been blessed to not have to. Riley was a complete surprise and blessing when we first found out I was pregnant and then I had one negative pregnancy test when we had Grace. I remember feeling let down when I only saw one pink line, but to wait and wait and wait and wait and wait would literally rock my core. I fear the Lord might ask me to wait someday and waiting for anything is hard, but your baby? Wow.

So here they are, just waiting. In fact this month marks their year on the waiting list and I am so encouraged by their testimony that I thought I'd send you their way to finish out this journey alongside them. Pray for them. You can read about their experiences here.

Join me on this beautiful {Baby Frost} Friday and pray for this family, their wait, their being drawn closer to Jesus and for their beautiful little baby who is waiting too, all the way over in Ethiopia to meet the parents who think about them daily and who love them dearly already.

Love you sweet baby Frost. See ya soon.

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  1. I also can't imagine waiting that long for my baby. They will be added to my list. I love your idea for a more focused prayer time. I need to start that.