Monday, May 7, 2012

Miss Addy

So I got a once in a life time opportunity to attend the birth of a sweet little baby girl last week....and here's the story behind that....

If you haven't figured it out yet, I like natural child birth. Ok "like" isn't really a word, but what word is there to describe something that I am an advocate for 100% but kinda despise it at the same time? I guess I "love-hate" natural child birth. Read more on that here.  Anyhow I tend to be a little out spoken on the whole issue and I may or may not be a little enthralled with the miracle of childbirth in and of itself, so people end up knowing how I feel whether they asked or not (sorry!)

Sam, my dear and sweet friend, was pregnant with her second baby and was telling me one day how she really wanted to try and deliver this next baby naturally. I {kinda jokingly} said I'd go with her and make sure she did just that if she was serious about it. She and her husband talked about it and they agreed and well I couldn't say no to such an opportunity. So a couple months went by and I found myself getting ready last Tuesday night to leave to be "Sam's doula". WOW. 

Let me tell you. There are no words for this experience. Literally, none. I can't believe how amazing she did and well watching a baby be born just puts even the toughest of guys to tears! To watch a mother agonize in that pain for their child is just such a testimony to the agony I'm sure we put the Lord through daily. Could you imagine giving birth EVERYDAY?! But Sam did it because she loves Addy. She did it because its what Addy needed her to do. Amazing. Being a mother is such a gift and how blessed I am to have been there to see Addy be born. I held her at just 15 minutes old. Such a little miracle. Here we are...

Maybe someday when I'm not raising kiddos and birthing children of my own I'll find myself in a career where I get to be apart of this everyday...but until then, I savor my moments with Sam, Kyle and miss Addy. I savor the birth of my son and anxiously await the arrival of my daughter.

From the bottom of my heart Sam, thank you.


  1. And I wouldn't have had it any other way! Thanks for being there Aubrey! Wow, make me cry! I know right after she was born I said I wanted the epidural next time....that was just the crazy talking. I did it once, I can most definitely do it again! And the pain literally stopped the SECOND she was born. :) And I'd go through that an indefinite amount of times if it means I get to have Addy in my arms. :)

  2. I knew that was just the crazy talking. Babies make us crazy don't they?! I LOVE YOU TWO! THANKS AGAIN!