Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Baby Tiny's Nursery {Reveal}

 My Inspiration for this nursery:

"Beloved I wish above all things that you may prosper" 3rd John 2 

The Lord has been showing me in the recent months that to "prosper" by His standards basically boils down to weather or not you're effective for His gospel. Therefore, above anything else I could hope for for my little girl, I would wish that she would be effective for Jesus in all that she does, therefore that she would prosper by God's standards. 

When I think of {wish} I think of a dandelion and I took that and ran with it. I knew after doing Riley's nursery that I wanted to make her room super girly and vintage and beautiful. I {LOVE} the outcome.....

 I went hunting for vinatgey {not a word} items and came across this sweet little dress in an antique store. I painted the bird the colors of her nursery (yellow, pink and gray) and hung my old baby shoes up with the dress.

 Birds weren't an original option to put into this nursery, but over time they kinda came along with the territory and I actually ended up liking the little birdies here and there.

 Scraps of fabric tied to some hemp rope made this sash type thing that is swagged over her closet doors. I got these cute butterflies at the dollar store!

Her beautiful white crib was a gift from my parents! After hunting down crib bedding all over the world, I couldn't find anything that I really loved. So what's a girl to do? Sew it yourself of course. Now I have never sewed a day in my life, but my sweet grandma's sewing machine got some good crash course use and I really am so happy with what I ended up with. The crib bumper and skirt is a beautiful yellow pillow ticking material that I just love!! And the other materials that I used are various yellow and pink and white cotton fabrics. I made the crib skirt, the crib bumper, a pink sheet, a yellow sheet and a quilt.

Here's another view of the crib...you can see the design of the material a little better. Please don't look too close at the quilt, I may or may not have some lines that are more ambiguous than straight.... 

Here's "her" dresser that actually belongs to my mother-in-law. I more or less have stolen this from her. We'll see if she ever gets it back :) Its topped with her changing pad 'cause I don't have massive bedrooms nor can I justify the expense of a dresser and a changing table that realistically will only be used 3 times before it becomes a catch all of laundry. Sewing this minky cover for the pad was RIDICULOUS! I don't love to sew minky at all, but maybe over time I'll be able to work with it a little easier....

Here's a shelf that was in my room when I was a little girl. I added some small knick knacks and some frames that I got from Teen Challenge and spray painted. The little bear was in the hospital with me when I was born and plays music and is wearing the hat that I wore in the hospital.

Lastly here are a few shots of some "extras" in her room that just seem to make it all come together.

Praise the Lord for photo shop :)

Milk glass from my grandma.
The Dandelion Painting I did for my princess.

Up close of the quilt and the inside of the crib.

WE ARE PACKED UP and READY TO HIT THE HOSPITAL when this little lady says go!
I'm so excited to dress a girl this go round! I can't wait to do hair and put on dresses and just girly her up! Below is the car seat canopy I made for her. This was such a simple job. I'll post some how-to's if anyone is interested?? Here's a pick of the "baby tummy" as Riley would say at just about 38 weeks.

We are anxious to meet our sweet girl. I'm finishing up some of my to-do lists, installing the car seat, packing hospital bags, finishing my last week at work and watching my two-year old "graduate" from school on Friday night. I am so thrilled to move on to the next season of life God has for me. 

My wish for this little girl? That she might prosper in all that she does....

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