Monday, May 7, 2012

Baby Girl Grove aka Baby "Grill"

So Riley, Tyler and I are all in great anticipation of the new season that is just on the horizon for our family. We are excited about....

-Aubrey's promotion to "stay-at-home mommy" full time starting May 25th
-Tyler finishing student teaching, his last tests and getting that anticipated Oregon Teaching License
-The coming of summer and warm weather and bbqs and s'mores and fires
-Tyler's prayers, hunt and search for a teaching job to be answered as the Lord sees fit
and most certainly

So in our anticipation, we grabbed the camera, went outside in the sun and took a few pictures to document our family as a family of three (on the outside) for one last time and capture baby girl in all her big belly glory! Here's what we came up with {courtesy of Loni Evans}

With our baby girl's arrival around the corner we are finishing up getting the nursery {to be revealed sometime this week} just right, packing hospital bags, hauling {Tyler's job} the infant car seat and bassinet down from the attic and just enjoying our last few weeks of just Riley. I can't wait to watch him be a brother. I've been praying lots for him because I've been told about 1,768 times that "Riley's world is really going to change" and most of the time its not in too much of a positive light. I want my children to love one another, not have a home full of sibling rivalry, so I'm praying for wisdom on how to start us all on the right foot at adding more children to our nest. All in all we can't wait and look forward to holding little Miss Grove in our arms.

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