Saturday, November 12, 2011


Well, we had our first appointment with our OBGYN yesterday and it was great. I must say, coming from having Riley with a Mid-wife and going to an OB was a little intimidating for me. We chose not to go back to Salem because of the commute. Appointments aren't long, but add 45 mins of driving both ways, we're looking at 3+ hours per visit. Also when the baby is born we want Riley to be able to be home and visit us a lot and being here in Lebanon will make that a lot easier for him. Smooth transitions is what I'm hoping for for Ri-man.

My Doc looks at my chart and says...."so you're wanting to have a natural labor and birth right? Did you do that with your first?"(She too thinks of me as an 'earth mama', I love it) I told her yes and the reasons I have for delivering naturally and she seemed very supportive of me and my wishes which made me all the more comfortable with choosing her to be my provider. Then she made some comment about not delivering on Saturday night cause she teaches Sunday School....another comfort knowing my doc is a believer! She actually reads the ultrasounds for our pregnancy alternatives center here in town. So all in all, I'm thrilled with my choice. I just never thought I'd choose an OB.

She said the baby looks great and I was measuring right on. Tiny's heart was beating strong and sounded good too! The baby was SO SO still during the ultrasound, which I have to be honest made me worry a little. Riley was a CRAZY man in there even at 12 weeks he was moving all over. This baby was just so still. My doc pointed out that I'm only 10 weeks and movement is just getting going and I have nothing to worry about. I don't need to have a spirit of fear, after all, the One knitting this babe together loves him/her more than I ever could. So rest assured all mamas expecting (you too Sear) we aren't to have fear for our babies, but trust because the Lord loves that little one way more than we ever could, and that's a lot of love cause I know your our hearts are full of love and adoration for these babies.

Its still too early to tell the gender of the baby, but believe me, Tyler and I were trying to look with untrained eyes as to what we might be having. There were no conclusions made, so we wait for week 18! Only 8 more to go....but I must say, I want this to go slow. Weird huh? I like my time with just Ri and I can honestly say, I love being pregnant. I hate the pain of labor, but in a weird, maybe sick way I like giving birth too! As a sweet friend from church told me thursday, "you were born to have babies" uh oh Tyler better be careful, I might take that too seriously. Maybe I will become a Doula someday to tide me and my obsession with all things pregnancy, labor, delivery and babies over. I can just see it now, the stay-at-home mommy that makes cakes and aids mommas who are delivering babies....I don't think that was a career choice in my psych program. The Lord changes hearts huh!?

Well, if you're even still reading this, thanks for putting up with my babble. Here's our first look at Tiny.

Amazing huh? 


  1. We have an amazing creator and you are beyond blessed! Glad you found a provider that you like!

  2. Ah! Thanks for the shout out Aubs! Although my "paper pregnancy" may last much much longer than normal "pregnancy", the truth still remains, He loves our children more than we ever could, knits them perfectly together, and He has perfect timing when revealing them to us. Good points!
    So excited for baby tiny and the Grove's in general. Praying big time blessings on your family. You guys are the best, and we love you.