Monday, October 24, 2011

And then there were 4....{8 including our animals}

We're pregnant! No, not "prego", but pregnant. Please don't call me prego or refer to me as being prego, I won't answer....


Come June 8th ish we'll be expanding. I can't wait. This pregnancy is a little different this go 'round but also has its similarities. I'm trying to remember to take in all my Riley moments. Obviously he won't be out of the picture, but all in all its the thought of loving someone else the way I love Riley that unnerves me a little. How can I do it? I love Riley so much....I want to spend lots of good time with him over the next 7 months and take in just being the 3 of us before we become "the four of us"

Riley has already named this baby "Baby Tiny" so from here until birthday, we'll be referring to the baby as Tiny. Its so ironic, I called Riley my Tiny all through my pregnancy....its like he remembers!!

So here's some facts about "Tiny"

-Due June 8th
-Currently a blueberry
-Heart is beating regularly
-Growing FAST
-Makes mommy nauseous
-Makes mommy tired
-Is anticipated and loved by many!!

I can't wait for a newborn again....this one was amazing.

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