Wednesday, October 12, 2011

eat {lots of } cake.

this summer I decided, on a whim that I would make a wedding cake, actually one crazy cake, two birthday cakes, two baby shower cakes, 200 cupcakes and 5 wedding cakes. {Crazy, crazy woman}

Here's what I did......


This was seriously very stressful. I'd rather do small cakes than a 300 person cake....but all in all I'm glad I did it and might even do some more weddings if they come around. People are always getting married right?!  Maybe I should make Dave Ramsey a cake and tell him its because of his suggestion on "getting creative to make extra money" I became a baker overnight....


  1. Wow, Aubrey these are all gorgeous! I've been trying to get creative to make some money from home, so I can still help out financially but also be home with Reagan. These are wonderful!

  2. Aubs - you've always been so talented and creative. Love these cakes! Glad to see you are using your gift! :)