Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Can a boy be a boy?!

I don't have a daughter, yet. But I feel like I already have a little grasp on the difference between baby boys and baby girls. For example, Riley at just 15 months old thinks its funny to burp. Why? Who showed him bodily functions can make you laugh? {ok, it was probably Tyler} Why when he wakes up the first thing he does is ask to go outside? I swear he would live out there if he could. Why does he have that special boy nack for getting dirty? Why does he eat more than I do sometimes? Why? Because he's a BOY! 100% BOY! This culture we live in is so finicky about treating everyone equal so much to the point that we don't want to treat our boys different than our girls and vice versa. I think that's just absurd. I want my boy to be a boy. I want him to love sports, love dirt, touch worms, run, wrestle, rough house, I want him to be a boy so someday he can be a man.

So why are we posting ads like this?!

J Crew add just released
Why are his toes painted pink? Heck, why are his toes painted in general?
I have a twin brother growing up and I know we both spent our fair share of time checkin out what the other one had. He wore my dress and bathing suit {HA!} and I've worn his stuff and rolled in dirt and time or two {ok, one million times} but the fact is, we're becoming a little too liberal with letting our boys be girly. I get there are some boys that aren't as "boyish" as others, but there really is no need to encourage such behavior. I realize this is completly controversial and I welcome your comments. I know that I don't want Riley wearing pink nail polish, we'll reserve that for my daughter granted I'm given one.


  1. I definitely draw the line there. Can you imagine the teasing he would get from his friends.

  2. Evan and I were taking about this last night. How do we make it okay again to not have to "go against the grain"? There's a boy at GPHS who has been given permission from the administration to openly cross dress on campus. He's 15! He's made a "choice" at this young age that will affect his entire life and I'm not certain he understands it completely.
    It hurts my heart to see young people (not that I'm old) being forced to make a name for themselves before they know themselves just so they can have a place in this world.