Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Brace Face

I'm so vain sometimes, so the Lord has seen fit to rectify that little mishap of character in me. 

You see when I was in high school I had braces, I wasn't really all that "in shape", I didn't {and never did} have a bunch of guys flocking to ask me out, and I had acne, awesome.  I was nice, but I also had a twin brother and so many things were just not in my favor of being the "girl who everyone what to date". With that I lived my life, and things somehow mangaged to move on. In college, my body finally grew into itself, I didn't have a bunch of acne all over my face, I was a little more confident and I managed to pick up this guy for life!  
Cute huh?! {don't answer that, he's all mine}

Annnnnnyways....since having said braces, lets just say my retainer wearing skills could've used a little help. My wisdom teeth have come in since having them removed and thus my teeth have moved, I'm at risk of an crossbite and so today I did something a little nutso. I got braces {again}. 

Now before you go demanding to see the after picture, lets go over somethings. 

*I'm finding that all things are spiritual. God doesn't just involve himself in some parts of your life, he's in all parts. Even the metal parts that are jab into your cheek. I don't know why braces have been re-introduced into my life, maybe my vainity needed to corrected. Maybe someone in the office will see Jesus in me....I don't know {yet}

*I'm not a teen mom. I'm thankful for a wedding ring, as I know that while toting Riley around with metal in my mouth, I'll look more like an irresponsible, sex-crazed, teenaged mom and not a responsible {well, now} 24ish married woman. 

*Tyler asked me to kiss him last night while exclaiming it was "his last time to kiss me..." I told him I wasn't going to the guillotine, I was just going to the orthodontist. We'll see how this pans out.

*The orthodontist is in fact a place for children. I say this because my experience has made me feel quite childish. I had to pick a flavor for my impressions; my choices were watermellon, bubblegum and cottoncandy......I get tokens to redeem in the prize bucket for brushing my teeth....I got a t-shirt today.....I got to pick the color of my bands; choices we're all the colors of the rainbow and then some {I chose silver}

*I'm actually thankful to being going through this again. I really want my front teeth to stop shadowing my teeth next to them {its really noticeable in some pictures}. I want to prevent jaw problems/cross bite. And I'm so glad blessed that my insurance is covering most of it. 

So for the next 6-9 months {we're pullin for 6} I'll be trompin around with metal in my mouth. It'll be a good time and lesson in vanity. It'll be nice to have them off too. Until then, please don't stare at my mouth when I talk...


  1. Oh I love you! You are beautiful. Inside and out and one of the sweetest ladies I know :-) I think you look great with braces, but I'll hope for 6 months right along with you! :-)

  2. I had braces in my wedding! =) You are (and always will be) a beautiful woman because you are beautiful from the inside out!

  3. My dad had braces when he was 40. Sometimes adults need braces too and I think it's sort of cool! You can totally make it trendy.