Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunshiny day!

Well, yesterday was Saturday and that means we slept in woke up at our normal 7:00am (the joys of a baby schedule). It was a little sunny, so Tyler decided we should take a little hike up to McDowell Creek Waterfalls. So we packed up a lunch and left...after Tyler had to jumpstart the battery because I left lights on in my car oops! It was so nice up there and we really enjoyed being outside. I'm glad we did it 'cause we came home to a "its going to rain for the next seven days" weather forecast. Riley REALLY enjoyed being outside, so much that he fell asleep! Tyler had him in the hiking pack, that I got at a thrift store last summer for $1, and sure enough he was out in no time. He even slept through Tyler catching a little fish!
he looks a little grumpy huh?
 Its funny to me that he has a hard time sleeping in a crib, but when his head is bouncing around like a bobble head and the sound of waterfalls surround him he falls asleep in 2 seconds flat. Crazy kid. Goes to show he is infact my son; I fell asleep in a speed boat on the Colorado River when I was little....

So after our hike/nap we had some lunch. There's something about eating a little picnic lunch with my little family that makes me think that everything is perfect in this world. Just watching Riley eat his little turkey and cream cheese roll up made my heart melt.

I appreciate that the Lord has given us places such as these to retreat to. When you can hike up into world untouched and away from the noise...your heart feels a little freer! I'm glad my parents and Tyler's parents taught us an appreciation for the outdoors and we're able to go enjoy an afternoon away without worrying about our cell phones, blogs and status updates. This world is a little too techy for me sometimes. So praise God for the GREAT OUTDOORS!! I enjoyed watching my family love God's creation, Tyler enjoyed catching a fish, on the first cast at that, and Riley enjoyed eating the rocks and putting his hands in the sub zero water! It was a very sunshiny day for us!
Oh look how much he LOVES taking pictures with his mommy...

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  1. It really is beautiful up there. Makes you appreciate the creation that much more!