Thursday, February 10, 2011


Well, as I type this Riley is being a grump 'cause his teeth are KILLING me him! Poor kid. Soo, his dad is takin him for a walk. Tyler is such a good dad. There are many dads that are dead beats and that are never involved in their children's lives and I'm just blessed to have a husband that's such an amazing father too....

Did I mention that Riley is GROWING UP TOO FAST?!! This afternoon he kept going to the back sliding glass door and looking outside. It was very sunny and warm...ish, for Oregon anyway, so I looked at him and asked if he wanted to go outside. He said yes. Ok he didn't really say anything, but that look in his eye of "I'm a boy and I need to roam", I could tell he wanted to go outside. So we put on a sweatshirt and some shoes and headed out. This moment was kinda monumental for me. I mean here I am taking my baby toddler outside to PLAY! This last summer, we went out to play in the pool, but never to roam around, pick up sticks, look at spiders and sit in the grass. But today was our day. I felt so grown up for Riley. AND HE LOVED IT! He even picked me a "flower". I think havin a boy, or boys at that will be just too much fun! 

See my flower he picked me? 
OK, so on to the real reason for this post. 
Praise God huh? Isn't it awesome to see the Lord and his greatness and provision? The timing couldn't be more perfect for us. I've had hours and wages cut at my job (yuck!) and Tyler's job at the grocery store wasn't giving him too many hours and his other job at the elementary school was only part time and would be ending in June. But this new job is FULL TIME, praise God and has some great benefits! I have to say its awesome that the Lord's pulled us through in earlier instances, so going through it this time was a little different. I had a peace about it and really didn't feel the need to worry. Which is so not like me! But God provided a job for Tyler at Lowes distribution center and we're thrilled! 

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  1. Praise God for his provision. Glad your hubby got the job! How is he liking it now?