Monday, February 1, 2010

mommyhood and milestones

Time flies when you're havin fun....

Riley is growin up way too fast, and its only been three weeks!! He hasn't ceased to amaze me everyday since the day he was born. From the moment I laid eyes on him, a part of my heart has been captured. Having a child is nothing short of a miracle, and what it does to you in a matter of seconds is rather astonishing also. While pregnant, I found myself dreaming of toting him around and never really considered the change my life would go through over night. Its a change that you're thrilled about and scared about all at the same time. This morning when we woke up, I noticed that he is changing and at a rapid pace at that. He's gaining weight, becoming more aware of his surroundings, settling into a schedule and it all seemed to have happened with a blink of an eye. Part of me wants him to stay small and innocent, while the realist side of me knows that that will never happen, and seeing him grow is going to be a great thing. My biggest prayer though, would be to savor each moment I have with him. I know all moms are required at one point in their mommyhood, to say that they savor each moment, but that's a task to do at 3am when you're tired and frankly, you just don't want to nurse again! And that is why I find myself on a daily basis praying for grace to truly savor each moment I have with him. I want to savor moments, because they really do "grow up way too fast!" He has already reached some milestones!! Riley is starting to hold his head up, he can turn it from side to side during "tummy time" and he can stick his tongue out at me after I do it about 97 times. Learning to be a mommy has been a thrill. I'm excited to see the Lord use Riley to make me more into the woman he wants me to be. I'm challenged daily to have patience, to pray more and to sit and just enjoy my son without having to feel like I have to be doing something. Since having Riley I have been able to have more time to spend reading the Bible and praying, and have really enjoyed just staying at home. Its rather freeing to not have to do anything or go anywhere. The first few days I felt a little stir crazy and thought I needed to be going out, but there is something so amazing about just sitting holding my son watching him smile in his sleep (gas) and not feeling guilty about it. Being a stay at home mom is really a great thing!

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