Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A New Year and a New Resolution

Well. Its been almost a year since I last paid any attention to my "blog"....and I want to live a green lifestyle the best I can, so I may as well put my used internet space to good use :)

So my resolution is to post something at least once a week, well see how that goes.

Not only has it been a year since I've posted something, its been a year since I had Riley! AHHH
2010 was great, but we're not here to talk about 2010, I'm here to talk about 2011 and what's going on in the Grove house.

Tyler's started back at Corban this week, he's currently working toward his teaching license and masters in Social Studies Ed. So with that said, he's gone Monday and Wednesday nights (yay)....booo! And then he works Tuesday, Thursday and Friday nights....boooo....but on the up side, the Lord has some great things down the road for us, I just know it. He's working at an elementary school during the day and comes home with pretty entertaining stories. He's already known as "Mr. Groove" by a select kindergartener He's in class or working at "save-a-lot" at Riley and I have some great mornings and afternoons with dad and some fun one-on-one time at night. Who knew a one-year old (weird to type that) would be such an ideal dinner buddy. He says a lot, but I don't understand a thing...

Due to finances at the preschool I work at, my hours were cut, so I'm home more, weird answer to my "I want to be a stay-at-home mom" prayer, but whatever works. You know having Riley has really changed my whole perception on being a stay-at-home mom. Working with kids basically my whole life, I've seen the melt down in the morning good byes one too many times. It just wears on you. And now, as a mother, I see that the Lord really does intend for us moms to raise our OWN children...weird huh? I don't want to get to political on this topic, because it is a rather heated one at times, I'm just saying for me, I find myself literally dreaming of the day when I'm a full time stay-at-home mom. And to think that I take my son to work with me and that I'm never really apart from him even at work....I can't imagine how hard it is on working moms. With that said, I'm fairly certain I'd live in a cardboard box with no cell phone, net flix, cable, internet...etc before I made myself go to work, what's better is I have Tyler's support on that too! So its a good thing I have such a hardworking 2 job, full time student husband out there supporting his family so his wife can raise their child :)

With this little ramble, I can't promise that my posts will be entertaining or worth reading, but I do want to "write" more. Its a nice little outlet

I'll leave you with the last picture of my "baby" since then, he's turned one, had a haircut and walks a lot more :)

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