Monday, January 7, 2013


One thousand and ninety five {loooong, but mostly good} days and 3 INCREDIBLE but quick, years.

Riley John.

You've never ceased to make me laugh, frustrate me, make my heart swell or bewilder me, every day I've spent with you.

I can't believe this little boy is now three. Where did the time go? I was watching the first video of him I have; us in the hospital, both exhausted, but both incredibly happy. I'll never forget bringing him into this world, what an experience! Wow.

I could go on and on about all the milestones he's accomplished, I could tell you he's been potty trained since he was 18 months old, I could complain that he still wakes up in the middle of the night here and there, I could tell you he's learning to write his name, I could tell you what makes him laugh, what makes him sad and that he loves to sing "The Stand" to Jesus. I could literally spend all night writing about this little boy. But what's more is that he has taught me soooo much. I could write books and books about the lessons, big and small, that I've learned from being a mommy to this boy. But what's most stunning about being a parent is that at the heart of all the tears, laughs, milestones, fears and first times is Jesus. He's there, in each moment, waiting to draw me closer to Himself through the beautiful calling of being a mommy. And oh how I've learned I can't do this without Jesus. What a truly amazing gift these 3 years have been.

HAPPY, happy birthday baby boy.

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  1. How can he be three already! Seems like he was just born yesterday =) Miss seeing those beautiful eyes!!