Monday, May 2, 2011

We got the "Approval" {and a blog I love}

So many of you were a little ticked that I posted my "life would change forever in 41 days" on facebook, so I thought a little bloggity blog and an explanation might help out a little....

It's true, my life will be changing in 41 days {no, not 40 weeks, 41 days!}

You see, we've been given the chance of a life-time. We have recieved the approval to be a gaurdian home for a beautiful little Labradoodle puppy from Maggie Palmblad at Oregon Bedrock Labradoodles. And here's the story on how we're so blessed:

I love cats. I will admit that I am in fact a slight "cat lady". I spent many a day as a child shoving babydoll clothes not intended for an animal with a tail onto my cats and toting the helpless creature around in a stroller. I had a bedroom themed after cats as a girl.
And all in all I just love them. So when I got married, I convinced my dog-loving husband to get a cat. And we couldn't have just one, it would get lonely, so we got two :)

Insert: Copper and Pistol. 
We love them, they love us. Copper is soft, Pistol is fat. Copper meows way too much and is stubborn about only drinking water from the sink, Pistol is uncoordinated and gets stuck all them time. But they're entertaining and occasionally snuggly. However, we can't take them on a walk {however, I did manage to leash both cats and take them to a soccer game where my utterly speechless and embarrassed husband responded to his teammate's question of "who's the crazy cat-lady bringing cats to a soccer game?" with, "oh, that would be my wife...."} we can't throw them a ball and basically they'll never be dogs. So, naturally we've wanted to get an actual dog. Here's the thing, we wanted a Labradoodle because they're beautiful, smart, CUTE!, non-shedding, soft, sweet, active, loving, people-friendly dogs and a dog that Riley can grow up being best-buds with. But here's the other thing, they're very expensive.
So we've waited and prayed and a few months ago, being the planner I am, I went on a little Labradoodle hunt! I wasn't sure how, but we were going to try to make getting a Labradoodle work. Praying about it might seem funny, but I'm finding that the Lord is really involved in all aspects of our lives so why not pray about it? So I did and He totally answered prayer more than I could have hoped. I stumbled on Maggie's site and fell in love. Her puppies are gorgeous, she's responsible about breeding, she's professional and she just loves her dogs and its obvious this is way more than just 'a money thing' for her. Here's the best part, she was looking for a "guardian home" {A Guardian Home is this: allows for local families to have the labradoodle breeders “Pick of the Litter” puppy, or top notch young adolescent breeding dog for a fraction of the price.  These pups live with you as your very own family dog while we retain breeding rights for the dog.  Most dogs retire by four to five years of age having had three – four litters.  Once the Guardian Dog has completed their breeding career, he/she will be neutered/spayed; then, the contract is signed over for full ownership to the Guardian family and will remain a forever pet of their Guardian Family!} So I emailed her and after months of funny coincedences like her having a dog named Rylee who was born 1/08/10 and her husband working with my brother and little snipets of God's hand in things, we've been given the chance to be a guardian home with this exceptional program beginning June 11th. The only downside is they're avid Beaver fans and when they found out that we're Duck fans, the deal was almost broken! Oops! Anyways, our puppy is with her mama growing lots and we're here just waiting for her to come home to us! We simply can't wait. Oh and if you're wanting a puppy, a beautiful, sweet little puppy, head over and check 'em out I'm sure they're being snatched up FAST! But to tide you over, here's a picture of our girl with her brothers and sistas at just ten day's old! 
If you're wondering what's better than a puppy, apparently a garden according to my friend Lyndsey over at The Browns. I'm quite certain for me, this is incorrect considering my garden harvested a total of 3 tomatoes, a handful of cilantro and one tiny onion last year. So I'll stick with a puppy and let my CSA provide for my garden needs {more on this later}. But you should go over and check out Lyndsey's blog, she's hilarious and always has some clever, fun way of saying something {she's getting her masters in literature or something like that so I'm always a bit nervous I've mispuncuated something and she'll see it and make fun of me}. But reading her blog is fun, so do it! 

Check back for more puppy info as it comes along. And I'll post about our CSA this week too!


  1. I feel like I learned a lot about you in this post... particularly that you had cat themed room... how did you sneak this by our friendship? You are lucky I think you're the greatest, or our friendship would have been called off after hearing such news!
    Congrats on the new dog! Love Labradoodles!

  2. I love Labradoodles too! And Goldendoodles. In fact, I have a picture on my desktop of a Labradoodle puppy I hope to own one day. I can't wait for pictures of your new pup.

    Thank you also for your kind blog words -- it makes me happy to know you read my blog. You also have me officially worried that my garden will also fail to produce anything valuable, but a girl can dream! Thanks again, Audrey.

  3. How fun!! =) Enjoy your baby!!