Monday, May 16, 2011

My Career

Bein a mama is tough. Its fun. Its hard work. Its purposeful. Its heart-breaking. Its soul work. Its beautiful. Its boring. Its 10 plus hours a day playin with a "BALL!!!" Its hearing "BALLL!!!" 700 times a day. And its everything I want in a "job".

I'm just glad that this little guy is my "boss"! (don't get all intense people, I don't mean this literally. I do in fact teach my son to listen to me!) 
Being a wife and a mama has also given me something that no other title or position has ever offered me. It lets me see who I am, who I want to be and how to get there all in the same moment. Sometimes I fail at being a good mama. Sometimes Tyler doesn't have clean clothes to wear because I hate laundry. Sometimes I feed my family fast food for dinner or peanut butter and jelly for the 7th meal in a row. Sometimes I'm short with Tyler and Riley. But I want to be kind, patient, loving, peaceful, joyful, gentle, self-controlled, productive, not lazy or selfish. I want to make Riley laugh, a lot. I want to have a clean house 24/7. I want to always make wholesome foods. I want to always respond to Tyler in love and in respect. Buuuut the only way I can do any of that is with the Lord, so I seek Him more. More often, with longer prayer times, more fervently. Being a wife and mother have brought me to my knees and closer to Jesus. This job has some great perks. A deeper walk with Christ because Christ has entrusted to me these two.....

Have a great day mamas! Your work is worth gold and pays you back in amazing ways. 


  1. Oh Aubrey! You wrote exactly what I've been thinking and feeling for a very long time. It's a hard, HARD job. But it's the best job ever! Love you Aubrey! You are wonderful in every way!

  2. I totally agree with Sam here. It really is the BEST job, although it will always be the hardest. =)