Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Quiet oh my Soul.

In the wise words of Siriana Frost over at Frost Mansion "be quiet"

I don't think I really know how to be quiet. I honestly kinda have a little panic attack when things are too quiet. After having Riley this only got worse. If he wasn't making noise, I was worried to the point of disrupting his sleep and waking him up {oops!} I find myself turning on music and/or tv just to have noise. But this is not something I want to teach my son. Oh no, in a busy, LOUD world I want him to learn to be quiet and to hear that still small voice.

The Lord wants us to be quiet and I know Satan doesn't. I mean just think about all the things we have in our life that keep us quiet and "busy" {speaking of busy, I loved Sarah's post here over at her lovely blog about busy and all the meanings it holds} annnnnyway...back to not being quiet...my cell phone, the tv, the stereo, the computer, my ipod, my stroller that plays the ipod, my car radio equipped with satallite radio, are all things that are literally at my finger tips to help drown out any scary quiet that might be lurking around the corner!

Since Tyler got this job at Lowe's I have to choose to get up at 5 am {yuck} and make lunch and drink coffee and then sit on the couch bleary eyed when he leaves. I sit there in quiet, but not too long, eventually I end up opening my computer, just to be sure none of my friends posted something on my facebook at 2am and/or one of my blogger friends didn't post something great I hadn't read yet...or I turn on the news {those anchors are so annoyingly happy at 5:30am...

But what I'm really starting to find a peace in is truely being quiet and quiet in the Lord. I've found myself praying more in those early morning hours and allowing my soul to be renewed. Its really a beautiful thing to be comfortable in quiet because its so against what our culture says to do. We have to go go go, but who wants to do that so early in the morning? So sitting there with my Bible in my lap, "hot" {my coffee pot sucks} coffee in my hands and a prayer on my lips has been nothing but good for me. News anchors are annoying, facebook is dead at 5am, Riley is still fast asleep, blogger world is still sleeping and my cell phone wouldn't ring if I wanted it to...a perfect recipe for a truely 'Quiet Time' with the Lord.

As my fingers lightly run across the key board and Tyler sits next to me workin on home work, the rain beats down on our roof and thrunder rolls in the distance....noises I'd miss if I was to loud.


  1. The only time I don't like quiet is when I know the girls are awake and probably into something. They only get quiet when they are into trouble! But what a wonderful reflection. I hope I never forget that he wants us to be still and quiet sometimes. I too am guilty of craving the noise sometimes.