Thursday, March 3, 2011


My Wedding Eve.
It was full of fun, emotions and excitement. It was also the last night I would consider myself as "living with my parents". I remember sitting in our little green Subaru with my [now] husband and being in the passenger's seat as we drove down I-5 to our honeymoon destination. All I could do was cry, my wedding, my special day was over, done. All the emtions I'd felt planning a wedding the last 6 months just came pouring out.  

Poor Tyler was probably wondering what the heck was wrong with me and what he'd just gotten himself into. I wasn't hysterical (the whole time) but I was crying pretty hard because it dawned on me as the Grants Pass freeway exits flew by; I'd never live with my parents again. Its like I grew up right before my eyes and was now a wife, with my own house and own responsibilities. And the thought dawned on me; the next time I stayed at my parents, I'd just be visiting. Not only that, but they live in Grants Pass and we were going to be living in Salem, 3 hours away. To top it off I didn't know if I'd ever live close to them again and the realization of that just made me sad. I was a basket case of excitement to start off my new life and sappy to say goodbye to my old life. That is until recently. 

My parents are now living approximately 1 mile away from me. For some that could be rather scary to have your parents live that close, but for me I'm thrilled. They've been praying about moving here and finding jobs here for a while and suddenly the Lord just decided to open the doors. They both have found great jobs here. Which in and of itself is quite an act of God due to the fact that jobs are few and far between and good ones are almost non-existent!  My in-laws also live just about a mile away too (living closer to them has been great too!) so now we are all just one big happy family! Which is another little oddity about our [tyler's and mine] family. We all, and I mean all, hang out a lot together. I don't have bad in-law stories...yet.

Now Riley will get to see both sets of grandparents on a regular basis. They'll get to attend soccer games and school plays. I'm thrilled to run over to my mom's house after work to just say hi. But most of all I'm excited to be "living" with them again! 
Welcome "home" mom

Welcome "home" dad    


  1. Wow! That happened really, really fast! They already moved up there and everything?! Please more details!

  2. Very cool! =) We were married 6-21-03