Wednesday, January 26, 2011

cancer breaks my heart

cancer. This morning my heart is a little very heavy. I woke up a little later than usual, because I just couldn't wake up...Riley's stuff nose kept him and I both company last night. Poor guy, nothing like wanting to nurse, but not being able to. So, my head was kinda in a bit of a fog. You know when the Lord breaks your heart for those who are hurting? That's how I feel, a little broken. So for some reason the first thing I went to online this morning was Sara Swenson's mom's journal ( about how Sara is doing with her battle of cancer. Sara and I went to Corban College University together for a while. Anyway, she's young, beautiful and fighting cancer, which I'm convinced is the worse thing in the world. Who hasn't been touched by it? My dad fought it and won before I was even born. I lost my grandma to it this last fall. Sara's been fighting for a long time now. I know a friend from high school who's wife was just diagnosed with it; Aimee Morgan @, she could use your prayers. Its just all consuming and everywhere. Its annoying and heart breaking and ugly.

But God is God and he's there. I never fail to see him in Sara's mom's journal through this whole battle. I saw him working in my family when my Grandma was fighting it. I see Aimee and Nolan seeking the Lord in this for their strength. Its amazing how God can take something so awful and make it into something that ultimately brings him glory. I'm not saying "with God cancer is easy", its not. But with him, there's this unexplainable hope that you have. He's the still small voice and light in a dark, very dark tunnel. How great is our God? So to Aimee, who I really don't know....I'm praying for you. To Sara, I'm always praying for you and your family, thank you for being used to bring glory to our king. And to everyone out there either struggling with cancer themselves, or that knows someone fighting cancer, take hope in our King.

I'll leave you with the wonderful lyrics of Telecast

....And if I want peace I'll come to the king
And if I want release then you'll have to be
the anchor of my soul, don't let me drift away....

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