Sunday, January 16, 2011

Am I a Good Mom?

Well, little man has turned ONE!!!! ahhhh He's done a lot of growing over the past year! To go from this....

Such a sweet little 8lb 8oz cutie

to this...

He walks, he mumbles and just lately he's been using his sign language I've been teaching him, though it is a little confused, he signs "more" for "eat" He gets the idea though...

Tonight as I was rocking my little guy to sleep, I just kept thinking about all the things I've learned over the last year. Its really amazing how much you think you know, but really don't and end up needing a baby to help you figure that out. So over the last year I've realized how much I don't know and I've gone to many different places and people to help me make "educated" decisions.

What came to mind though, in light of the sermon this morning made me kinda do a priority re-check. I'll explain. Over the last year I've really struggled with "doing everything right" when it came to Riley. I don't want to mess up, I want him to be a good baby, whatever that means, and I want to raise a godly child above all else. I've put so much pressure on myself and somewhere along the way this last year I've convinced myself if I researched, talked to others and tried out different things I could "be a good mom" on my own merit. WRONG! So wrong.

There are so many different developmental milestones, modern mommy wonders, advice, promises to sleep thru the night in 2-minutes and opinions coming at you as a mother, that between these and our own pressure we put on ourselves, a girl could get a little crazy. I've felt crazy. And as I rocked Riley tonight, I asked myself, where the intense struggle to do everything right and be a "wonder mom" came from? I've prioritized the opinions of others, website advice, mommy books and what-not over the opinion that God has of me as a mother. So, for 2011, I want the opinion of God, His will and His plans to be my priority as a mother and for that matter as a person.

All too often I look to others and things before I look to the Lord and I've really come to see that if I want to be a good, godly mother and person then I've got to stop stressing out about what I think others think of me as a mom and as a person and start asking God what HE thinks of me and the decisions Tyler and I have made in raising Riley. Truth is, I'm not a good mom without the Lord and all too often I've been willing to go to others and things for help before I go to the Lord, and that's gotta here's to priorities and putting the Lord in a true first place in my life as a mom , Riley's mom.

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  1. Well said, Dear. Have you considered submitting it to a magazine? More mommies need to realize this! Look to the only perfect parent to help with our parenting. Nothing wrong with seeking advice from other sources ("There is saftey in a multitude of counselors") but asking God to help sort it all out is top priority. We're going to make mistakes and with each child we make a whole new set of mistakes, but our children are resillient and forgiving, especially when our hearts are in the right place!