Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Proverbs 12:25

I'm a little weary today. I'm weary because I think too much. My mind is constantly firing off thoughts, to-do's, things I've failed at, what's for dinners, when's nap time? and so on... I'm weary because I worry. I'm weary because I'm anxious...

"Anxiety in the heart of man causes depression..."

Really God? Why have I not seen this before?

Being the psychology major I once was and degree holder now {does that really mean much?!} I've done a lot of learning about mental disorders, depression and pathology....and honestly, there's been times in my life when I thought I might meet the symptoms of being depressed {don't we all?} With my mind running so fast, and my heart being weighed down by it all, this verse really hit home this morning. Especially the end...

"...but a good word makes it glad" Proverbs 12:25

I've wrote a few times so far in my bloggity blog history about wanting to learn to be quiet. Wanting to hear the Lord in the small things. And while counseling and clinical treatment can be a good thing, I'm thinking the real treatment that I need to get are some good words. And I've got a Bible full of them {DING! or "ah-ha" moment, whichever you prefer}, but I've failed to make use of it and that lack of good solid time with God is making itself apparent like an un-wanted house guest. 

My heart is anxious, a lot. I'm a planner and I find out everyday like its the first time I hear it, that I am in fact not in control....hits me like a ton of bricks. When I'm troubled, burdened, stressed, emotional, fearful, and anxious a good word makes my heart glad. And this is SO so so true. Maybe some solution doesn't come falling at my feet, or my troubles aren't whisked away...but some how when I compare my "issues" to the words, truth and love of Jesus, its all brought back to perspective and I can once again have a glad heart. 

My to-do list is never complete: In Him I lack nothing
My job is crazy and never consistent: God is faithful to provide
I let people down: God is gracious
I let myself down: God is merciful
I get overwhelmed: God doesn't ask me to do it alone
The list goes on....

All in all, I love the truths of the Word and I'm loving that when we're down, it just takes but a good word to make you glad! I don't want to let the fear of tomorrow get me anxious and depressed, rather I want to fear the God who makes tomorrow and be glad in his truths. 


  1. Thank you so much for this post today. It is EXACTLY what I needed to read.