Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New House


Long story short, Tyler and I found out we are going to have a baby in May and from that point on, things haven't slowed down for us. Tyler graduated in May and then found out that East Linn Christian Academy, in Lebanon, were looking for a soccer coach as well as a teacher. Tyler applied for the position and the Lord saw fit to provide a great job for Tyler. He started coaching and teaching in September and has really loved it. I know we are both excited to see where his teaching career goes. He hopes to become a principal down the road and I promise to be by his side the whole way. The Lord also saw fit to meet Aubrey's need for a job that would allow her to still be a "stay at home mommy". So she works for Jenni, Tyler's mom and ELCA's fine arts director as well as a preschool teacher at Life Roots Preschool. Even after little baby BOY Grove comes, she will still be able to work with the little guy in tow. God has also supplied us with an amazing house....this wasn't even on the market, but the timing was right for the seller and being just a mile from the school and in our budget, we scooped it up! Tyler and I have been putting in some major work on the house and look forward to moving in in about a week!!!
One blessing about our new home was this blue carpet going BYE BYE! We got "smart strand" carpet that is supposed to be really stain resistant, so when Mr. Pukey comes and barfs on the floor mommy wont have to worry :) 
The kitchen is also getting an overhaul, with new flooring and thanks to my mom, the cabinets and appliances look great! Thursday all the new flooring goes in and we couldn't be more excited. A special thanks has to go to both of our families for coming out this weekend and helping put some fresh paint on the walls, the house looks amazing already! Loni also came and helped prepare the floor for new carpet (we hated pulling up the staples) and it really was an excellent weekend and a blessing for Tyler and I to watch our families work together. 

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